• Golf Course of the Year Award Nomination Form

  • The Tennessee Turfgrass Association (TTA) recognizes that you make personal and professional contributions to our industry and to the organization you serve. Therefore, the TTA would like to distinguish golf courses across the state with the Golf Course of the Year Award. Through these awards we are able to further one main element of our mission which is to gain acknowledgement for the professionalism of our members.

    Criteria for Consideration
    The following criteria must be met to submit for the Tennessee Turfgrass Association Golf Course of the Year Award:

    • To be considered a golf course must have had two full seasons of play.
    • All materials must be submitted in one application packet to be considered.

    How to Apply

    1. Please type or print legibly your answers to all questions in Section I.
    2. In Section II, you will be asked to write an essay. Complete the essay on a separate page and attach it to this application.
    3. In Section III, you will be asked to submit photographs of the golf course with captions. Those can be emailed to awards@ttaonline.org.
    4. Mail the application and all attachments to Tennessee Turfgrass Association, 400 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37069 or email to awards@ttaonline.org no later than September 1.
  • Section I. Nominee Information

  • Section II. Essay

    In a type-written 350 word or less essay, give an explanation of any special challenges faced by you and/or your team. These challenged may include funding, lack of labor, weather, drought, event preparations/conversions, or anything else that you feel the awards committee should know about why this golf course should be recognized as Golf Course of the Year. Include anything unusual or new that you have done to overcome these challenges. The awards committee is looking for innovative solutions to turfgrass management problems.

  • Section III. Photographs

    Include a minimum of two original photographs of the course with captions. The committee encourages creative photos that show how actions and activities on the property have improved or benefitted the environment. Documentation of environmental certifications from Audubon International, The Groundwater Foundation, or the Environmental Institute for Golf are encouraged. Materials prepared for education and outreach, as well as, any published articles or case studies promoting environmental stewardship are also encouraged. Photos of wildlife, unless unique in nature, should not be submitted.

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